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What is a macaron?

Not to be confused with the coconut macaroon [mah-ka-ROON], a macaron [mah-ka-ROHN] is a delicious meringue-based cookie. The shell is made of almond flour, sugar, and egg whites, and fillings vary and can be buttercream, chocolate ganache, fruit curds and preserves, and more! These delights are naturally gluten free!

What is a meringue?

Tarts are pastries that consist of a ​buttery crust and are filled with fruit, chocolate ganache, and more! Cousins of pies, these two treats generally differ in the crust (tarts are less flakey) and balance between the shell and the filling (pies have more filling).

Where can I buy Small Oven pastries?

Right here! On this website! In our Shop! We are working on expanding our network, but for now we're direct-to-consumer, offering local (Chittenden County) pick-up and delivery. You can also find us Saturdays at the Shelburne Farmers' Market!

What ingredients are in your pastries?

All of our treats have ingredient labels, but you're probably asking because you're worried about food allergies or intolerances. Macarons are naturally gluten free, but do contain nuts; most fillings contain dairy. Tarts contain dairy and gluten, and some fillings contain nuts. Let us know of any intolerances and we'll work with you as best we can, but please know that all bakery items are made in a kitchen that has known allergens of dairy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.


Do you take custom orders?

Sure do! Reach out through our Order Inquiry form to initiate the conversation.

Questions? Compliments? Concerns?

We got you. Just email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!

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