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Chocolate Lovers Macaron Collection

Chocolate Lovers Macaron Collection

PriceFrom $11.00

A selection of macarons for the chocolate lover in your life, featuring:


~ Chocolate: Chocolate almond shell with milk chocolate ganache.

~ Chocolate Coconut: Coconut almond shell with coconut cream dark chocolate ganche; dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with unsweetened coconut.

~ Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate almond shell with peanut butter filling.

~ Chocolate Peppermint: Almond shell with peppermint semisweet chocolate ganache; drizzled with dark chocolate.

~ Hazelnut Gianduja: Hazelnut almond shell with chocolate hazelnut ganache with hazelnut nougatine crunchies; drizzled with dark chocolate & caramelized hazelnuts.

~ Mocha: Coffee almond shell with chocolate-espresso ganache.


These will be packaged in our new eco-friendly macaron boxes. If you prefer the air-tight hard plastic containers for fridge or freezer storage, they are now available as an add on: Air-Tight Plastic Container.