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Collection 013: Tropical Fruits

Collection 013: Tropical Fruits

PriceFrom $12.00

Juicy tropical flavors to get you into that summer vibe! Flavors include:

~ Piña Colada: Coconut almond shell with coconut buttercream & rum pineapple jam.

~ Mango Tajín: Mango almond shell with mango filling & candied pink pineapple; sprinkled with chile-lime seasoning.

~ Guayaba y Queso: Almond shell with cream cheese buttercream & guava jelly.

~ Chocolate Banana: Banana almond shell with milk chocolate banana ganache.

~ Pitaya Passion Fruit: Dragon fruit almond shell with passion fruit, dragon fruit & mango filling.

~ Papaya Ginger Lime: Almond and lime almond shells with ginger lime buttercream & papaya jelly.