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Special Edition 007: The Mandalorian

Special Edition 007: The Mandalorian


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Camp Ta-Kum-Ta was founded with the mission to provide a safe and loving environment and year-round programming for families challenged by childhood cancer. To support their inspiring work, we have created this special edition macaron to benefit Camp Ta-Kum-Ta (TKT).


This macaron was inspired by Baby Yoda's (aka The Child aka Grogru) pilfered space munchies. It has a blue almond shell and is filled with Bantha Blue Milk buttercream, which surprisingly tastes like coconut and tropical fruits. 


Sold by the half-dozen, $1 from every package sold will go to support TKT.


Want to donate directly to TKT? You can do that here: Donate to Camp Ta-Kum-Ta