Small Oven Pastries believes that pastries, no matter how fancy, deserve to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We specialize in macarons and tartlets, making our treats from scratch with an emphasis on local Vermont ingredients and seasonal flavors.

Who We Are

Small Oven Pastries is operated out of Shelburne, Vermont, by Elizabeth Berman, chief confectioner and flavor master, and supported by her husband Abe, head cheerleader and principal dishwasher, and daughter Natalie, queen boss of quality control.

Why Small Oven?

'Small oven' is the direct translation of the French term petit four. In the 18th century, chefs used wood and coal to fire their ovens, allowing very little temperature control. In the morning, the intense heat from the oven (grand four or 'big oven') was used to bake bread and roast meats. As the fire grew cooler at the end of the day, the oven was used for baking individual pastries à petit four ('at small oven' with low temperature). Today, these individual pastries are collectively known as petits fours and encompass a range of small confections that include macarons and meringues, tartlets, madeleines, and éclairs. Our name is a nod to the origins of these delicious treats.

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